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We pay $100 extra if you bring your car or truck to us

Scrap Car Removal in Squamish, BC

Selling Your Junk Car to Scrap Cars will Not Only Get You Instant Cash, But Also Help the Environment.

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Are you looking to get rid of your old car?

Scrap Cars offers the best value for junk cars. You can bring your old vehicle  -- sedans, SUVs, vans, buses, or motorcycles -- and exchange them for instant cash. As a leading scrap car removal service provider in Squamish, BC, we can help you to manage your junk car efficiently.  

If you own scrap car parts of a junk car, Scrap Cars will help you make money. The workers at Scrap Cars are equipped with leading-edge tools and equipment to assist you with your unique towing needs. The scrap car removal process at Scrap Cars is simple and easy -- you generate a quote with us, we send someone to inspect your vehicle, then we pay you cash on the spot based on the findings. 

Instant Cash For Your Old Car

If you are looking for an efficient way of getting rid of that old heap sitting around at home or office then give us a call right away! We’ll take care of everything from removing it from where it is parked now till recycling it responsibly without causing any harm to our environment or surroundings. If you have any questions about cash for cars in Squamish, BC and how the process works, you can give us a call and one of our friendly customer representatives will be happy to answer them all for you so there is nothing left but giving us a ring as soon as possible before someone else beats you to it!

Scrap Cars Is the Best Place to Sell Your Junk Car

Scrap Cars is the leading towing company in Squamish, BC. We offer cash for cars and recycling services for your scrap or junk vehicle. If you have an old car that’s not working anymore, we can help you dispose of it! Our team of professionals will come out to inspect your vehicle and pay you cash instantly based on its condition. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

You don’t need to worry about finding someone who wants to buy your used car parts because our workers are equipped with tools and equipment necessary to remove them from the vehicle. Once our workers arrive at your location, they will assess the value of your vehicle by checking its condition (i.e., rusting frame/engine) before giving you a final price estimate for scrap car removal in Squamish, BC . We tow away all unwanted vehicles free of charge!

Call us at (604) 690 7676 -- we’re here to help you!

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