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We pay $100 extra if you bring your car or truck to us

Scrap Car Removal in Port Moody, BC

Scrap Cars Offers the Best Value for Junk Cars in Port Moody, BC

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Scrap Cars offers you instant cash for your old vehicle. We accept all types of vehicles -- sedans, SUVs, trucks, buses and vans. As a leading scrap car removal service provider in Port Moody, BC, we can help you cash for car service that will help you dispose of junk cars and make money.

You don’t have to spend hours searching for buyers online or wait weeks before someone comes around to pick up your junk vehicle – with us it’s fast and easy! Get rid of that old clunker today by calling our team at  (604) 690 7676 or filling out this form on our website! We'll send over an appraiser who will come take a look at your vehicle within 24 hours of receiving contact from you. If they agree on the price we'll pay you right away via check or direct deposit into any bank account of choice! No hassles whatsoever - just good business done well!

Why Should You Choose Scrap Cars?

Fast and easy sale process, profitable deals, consultation with licensed professionals, and instant cash for your unwanted cars! We offer cash for cars in Port Moody as well as towing services that can help those who own scrap metal or heavy duty machines transport their vehicle hassle-free without any worries about getting it stuck on the side of an abandoned lot somewhere out there in Port Moody, BC. Having such responsibilities means we must take care not just about how things look but also safety first which is why our customer service officers always go above what's required by law when ensuring every client gets top notch treatment at all times whether it's during purchase/sale negotiation or  carrying out  cleanup operations after metal scrapping.

Junk Your Car For Cash, and Get the Best Value in Port Moody, BC

We are the most trusted scrap car buying service provider in Port Moody, BC. If you own scrap car parts or unused cars, we can help you make money.  Besides scrap car removal and cash for car services, we can help you with towing services for heavy metal and heavy-duty machines.

Scrap car removal in Port Moody is daunting, so we connect you to professionals who can help you handle the process according to the highest safety standards.

Contact our experts today at Ph. No: (604) 690 7676 to learn more about towing services at Scrap Cars!

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